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Rollie's personalitiy is that of a cute little four-year-old. He is a medium-sized, short-legged, chocolate-colored fellow whose mix of breeds is anybody's guess. At 39 pounds, he is the perfect size, not too big and not too small.


Rollie was a stray from the shelter in Stockton. He had surgery to repair a broken hip when he first came to GGBR and is now fully recovered from that surgery.



In July, Rollie became unable to walk and it was suspected that his inability to use his back legs was due to back issues. He was seen by a specialist and it was determined that his being unable to walk was not due to a back condition but rather to myesthenia gravis, a long term neuromuscular junction disease. This disease leads to varying degrees of muscle weakness which in Rollie's case at this point in time has affected his ability to swallow and to be mobile. He is currently on medication which has helped him  to be able now to walk around the yard with the help of his foster parents. With regard to swallowing, Rollie needs to be totally upright when he is fed three times a day. . A special chair for dogs which will keep  Rollie  totally upright when eating, a Bailey Chair, was purchased for him by GGBR. 

Prior to his developing Myesthenia Gravis, Rollie loved to run and explore. Now his actiities are limited but he continues to be an affectionate, smart, happy little fellow who is receiving loving care from his devoted foster parents. 


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