Is adoption right for you? Is a Basset Hound the right choice for you? If you have researched our other pages, and answer yes to both these questions, then this is how the process will work. 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we are all VOLUNTEERS, with full-time jobs and families - PLEASE ALLOW TIME for a volunteer to be assigned your application and to arrange their own schedule to make contact with you.  If you do not hear from a LIVE VOLUNTEER by phone or email (other than the first email you should receive automatically in response to your online adoption application) within ONE WEEK, please email or call the rescue line (707 765 2690) and leave a message. 

After you have read this page - GO TO OUR ADOPTION APPLICATION

(Sometimes there is a delay in receiving an acknowledgment when you complete an online form. This delay can be up to two hours. If you do NOT get an acknowledgment within 2 hours please contact us to find out if your form was received)

  • First, remember that although you are interested in a basset hound you have seen on our website, do not set your heart on that hound and only that hound. Often, there are others ahead of you on the waiting list, who may also be interested in adopting the same dog. We have basset hounds coming through the Rescue all the time and we will make sure we find a hound to suit your needs... Trust us!
  • Complete an adoption application
  • NOTE - you do not need to register on the website to complete a form, but we encourage registration, so you can keep track of the hounds you are interested in, enable 'autofill' for any forms you complete, and keep track of these in "My Rescue", and to ensure that we put you on our email distribution list so you get our occasional emails with information on events, social events, fundraising ideas and emergency appeals for help with hounds and volunteer opportunities.
  • One of our volunteers may phone you or visit you at your home. The purpose of this phone interview or visit is twofold. Yes, we would like to confirm that you have a safe environment to take in a basset hound. We will want to see where the dog will live. We can give advice on making your home basset friendly/safe. We need to know that you own your home, or have landlord permission to have a dog. That the dog will be mostly indoor. That the dog will not be allowed to roam off-leash (basset hounds will put their nose to the ground and travel... and keep traveling... which is often the reason they end up as unclaimed strays, having traveled a lot further than anyone can imagine!). We also want to make sure that all the other human and animal occupants of the home are equally committed to taking in the rescued hound. However, the main reason for the phone call or visit is to get to know YOU... to answer YOUR questions... make sure YOU have all the information you need about basset hounds, about the Rescue, about the support you can access if you need it... useful tips on creating that safe environment... to build a personal relationship with you that we hope will continue into the future. We want to make sure that your home is the last home this hound will need.... that you ARE the forever home that we want for all our hounds!
  • Once the home check phone call or visit is done, our Adoption Liaison Volunteer will work on matching you with the best hound. We will definitely look at the hound of your choice, but we are very experienced at making the right placement, and there may be a better match available. Our volunteer will contact you by email to let you know you are approved, and she will continue to be your point of contact with us. She wants to know which dogs you like on the website, or anything and everything about the type of personality you are hoping for.  It helps us to expand on the application info, regarding what activities you like to do, how you expect your hound to behave in the house (for example, whether you crate them to sleep at night, or if you like a dog that will join you on the couch or in your bed).  
  • KEEP IN TOUCH... every few weeks... if you haven't heard from us, remind us that you are still waiting.  If you find a new friend elsewhere please tell us so we are not wasting time behind the scenes trying to find you the right match.
  • Once a hound is located, you will be contacted. We will try to share photos and more information about the hound, and maybe we can even arrange a "get to know you" visit with the foster family.
  • Having decided to adopt the hound, we will arrange transport if necessary to get the hound to you (we cover a large area and often many of our volunteers team up to take the hounds across the state for us).
  • On delivery of the hound, (or before, if possible) you will sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption donation.
  • All our hounds are microchipped and registered in a PetLink and Universal pet registry database. You are entered as the owner.  If your adopted hound has a pre-existing microchip from another company, you may need to register the chip with the provider company - the chip will be in two databases. We are trying to work with chip companies to enable a smooth transition for the chip information.
  • All our hounds come with up to date vaccinations, rabies, spayed/neutered, and with a full declaration of any (known) ongoing health problems
  • Once you have adopted from us, you are one of the family. GGBR holds events all year round. Some are "members only" events, and membership is encouraged. Even if you don't take out a membership, we are always there to support any issues you come up against. We have a Facebook page, where you can post questions and share photos etc.
  • We would love to see you at our annual Waddle, every July 4th in Novato. We walk with their town parade and follow with a picnic, raffle, food, and fun. We get at least 100 hounds every year and it is a sight to be seen! 
  • Members get a newsletter, and we send additional mailings to all our contacts with announcements about events, useful health information, and fun developments in the basset world. Even if you only come out to visit once in a while when we are at a local adoption event, we will always be glad to see you and your hound!
  • Adoption donations:
    • Puppy up to 6mths old - $550
    • 6 mths-less than 2 yrs old - $500
    • 2-5 yrs old - $450
    • 6-9 yrs old - $400
    • 10 yrs & older - $350 (see our Golden Oldies program - if you are over 65 you can adopt a senior hound, 10 yrs or older, for $275)
    • If you adopt a pair, you pay full price for the youngest and only 75% for the older hound

NOTE - we do ask for an adoption donation. This is not for the 'purchase' of the basset hound, but a donation towards the cost of caring for all the hounds that come through our Rescue. Some cost more than others, and some hounds stay in foster homes forever, where their medical bills are paid for by GGBR on an ongoing basis. On average a basset hound coming through GGBR costs approximately $1000 on average for spay/neuter, vaccination, heartworm treatment, and essential medical care, etc. Donations in excess of the above amounts are welcomed!!