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Buddy (Weaverville)

Several years ago, Buddy (aka Henry) was approved by GGBR for surgery on a torn cruciate ligament in one of his rear legs. However, the surgeon at that time felt that the tear was not severe enough to warrant invasive surgery. The tear was  evaluated a second time in 10/2020 Buddy's leg  and surgery to correct the tear was scheduled.  When the pre-op blood draw was done on 11/12/20, it was found that Buddy has a tumor on his thyroid. He then had surgery to remove the tumor, with the plan of having a later surgery to correct the leg tear. Although the surgery to remove the tumor was successful, the prognosis is poor because Buddy has thyroid cancer.  Buddy will not be able to receive the surgery on his leg and he is currently on pain medication to alleviate discomfort caused by his leg. 
Buddy, who is approximately 10 years old is a very sweet black lab/basset mix who has the misfortune of having poor health. He loves people, is not very interested in most dogs especially big dogs, is good with cats, barks a lot, is very loving, and basically a good dog. He would be very happy being with someone willing to adopt him in spite of his illness and a person who would love him for the remainder of his life.  

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