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Marti has been with GGBR for over four years now, living in the same foster home throughout that time. Marti originally came to GGBR from the Martinez animal shelter, and obviously was a dog who was used to living on the streets, probably never having lived in a home. His loving foster parents and GGBR had high hopes that given time living with people and other dogs, Marti would become socialized such that he would enjoy the companionship provided by an adoptive person or family. We have come to realize that Marti is happiest left to his own devices with no expectations placed on him that he interact with people.He neither demands attention from people nor responds to attention. Marti spends his days running around on the property of the foster home, marking his territory and hanging out with a few of the other foster dogs whom he tolerates. GGBR now realizes that to expect Marti to be successfully placed in any adoptive home is not realistic. Therefore, his status is being changed to sponsorship and Marti will be staying in his foster home.

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