Harold's Sponsorship Page

11 year old Harold is an affectionate, sweetie-pie of a guy who has easily adapted to a new person taking care of him. He's a very handsome dog and he certainly doesn't look his age, tho' he does move stiffly at times due to his arthritis. He's grown to like his short, daily walk and can even work up to a short, happy trot once in a while. He is very friendly with other people we meet.
Harold is up to date on all his vetting including vaccinations and dental care. 

The home Harold needs is one where:

- the person or people are home most of the time,
- live in a one-level house that doesn't have stairs,
- has a back yard, and
- perhaps where he is the only dog.


Harold is  a real love-bug and would be an ideal companion for someone who likes to be adored--and who doesn't!❤️

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